Firefox vs. Google: The Pros and The Cons

There aren’t too many key browsers we are using today, but when it comes to the battle between browsers then the Firefox vs. Google Chrome debate should definitely be mentioned on the first place. The reasons for this are several:  first of all, not many people are using Internet Explorer these days, unless their systems are forced to do so, for this or that reason, which is generally in relation with compatibility.  Therefore the two main browsers people are turning to are either Chrome or Firefox. As Chrome has recently decided to integrate its browser with several other apps and its browser is the first in the world in terms of searches, Firefox doesn’t stay much behind. In this article we would like to enlist a couple of positives and negatives which we could find about the two browsers.


One of the key reasons people use Firefox these days can be connected to privacy reasons. As Google has expanded and decided to integrate everything customer data, all the search results, clicks, mailing lists and more or less everything someone is doing with Chrome will be enlisted, analyzed and known about. Privacy is a feature which makes lots of people worried when it comes to Google and its products. Firefox is way more secure in this way because it’s an independent organization which does not deal with data fishing of any sort and will not collect user habits either.

Quickness and CPU usage:

It is a well-known fact that Chrome is hard on our CPU and overall performance also it ceases to close down for a long time, even after we close it. That’s why so many people opt for Firefox which does not have these issues and as such it’s way easier to use.

Tons of extensions on Firefox

Firefox has lots of extensions which are presented in a similar way as in Google’s store. But the key difference is in quantity and overall quality.

New Firefox interface

Firefox has recently come out with a brand new interface which is very friendly and easy to look through. Some of its unique features include the Tab Groups and Reading View features. This way, users can arrange their tabs in several ways, which is unknown to Google. Other positives include the Additional Tools and Features section which is easy to arrange and can also be customized.

The name value

People generally stick to Google’s Chrome because it’s quick, it integrates and it is very easy to download as well. The other important fact is in the non-stop tools development Google has been representing for a long time. Another important factor lies in Search Engine Optimization and its tools which are primarily built on Google Chrome and Google’s standards as it’s by far the largest search engine in the world.

These were some of the pros and cons we could find when it comes to which browser can serve you the better. Luckily through using one does not close out using the other, therefore we suggest you to try them both then decide which one suits better for you on the long haul.


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