Why People Are Crazy With Mozilla Firefox Browser

According to a major portion of Internet users, Mozilla Firefox Browser is considered to be the best web browser among top browsers that they have ever downloaded. From a survey on popular web browsers, Mozilla has been holding the position of second most downloaded web browser for last ten years following the Google Chrome in the first position.

Of course, this record shows that statistically Google chrome comes before Firefox in terms of download and popularity. However, you should also keep in mind in terms of size and expansion Google is much larger than Mozilla that employs several ways to market and advertise compared to Mozilla.

If you leave these statistics far behind and consider some unparalleled features of Mozilla Firefox web browser, you come to know why this web browser should be you top choice to download. Let’s keep an eye on these three facts that skyrocket Mozilla above other browsers –

  1. Add-ons and Customization Facilities

Who doesn’t love to run a browser the way they want? Since Mozilla facilitates its users to customize it in their own way, many users prefer to stick it. Even they can get the feature of add-ons with this browser. For example, many people wish to create and view PDF files in their browser that is possible to Firefox. Of course, there are other web browsers that have customization facility with extensions, but not that level as Mozilla offers.

  1. Web Development

People from the web development industry largely prefer Firefox as it allows them to view any particular part of a web page with the latest HTML and CSS platforms. Even the users are enabled to view the coding, page rank and sometimes default login information for their online account in this web browser where they would need to sign up for other browsers.

  1. Less Bugs and Crashes

According to many users, they have faced much less crashes and bugs with Mozilla than other web browsers. In terms of its ability to provide solution for the users with alternate download or update, Mozilla always stays ahead. When you are browsing with Mozilla, you may not find any setting that you cannot change to meet your needs.

Personal Preference

Choosing one browser on the others is entirely depending on the personal choice. While many people want to give preference to simplicity and the ease to use a browser, some consider the speed of the browsers. Alternatively, whether it is Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari or Mozilla, you may simply choose the browser based on its visual appearance. One real fact is that most of these top browsers have close similarity with each other except certain specific field. And Mozilla web browser’s special filed is customization feature where it can beat all other web browsers.

Whether you are web developed, security specialist, hacker or a common web user, a powerful browser like Mozilla Firefox has all those features that cater the requirements of different Internet users. And you can understand only when you download and use it like the way you want.


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