Mozilla Firefox: Getting to know its features and what makes it tick

Mozilla web browser is the third most popular web browser. Brought into the market by Mozilla Corporation, it is free and open-source. Google offers Chrome that is leading the market, but we must take note of the fact that Google is a multinational that spends a huge amount of money in advertising.

Some of its features make it a much-favored web browser among internet users.

It can be customized and as they say, redesigned the way you want it. The new menu offers an easy and fast way to customize the browser to make available the features one uses most.

Its attractive features are listed below:

  1. It is plug-in compatible: Users can add or subtract features to it to make it more appealing or intuitive.
  2. Faster web page download
  3. Secure and safe browsing provides protection against phishing attacks and malware protection.
  4. Multi-tab features allow multi-tasking.
  5. Private browsing feature to allow the user to browse without its history being recorded.
  6. From a developer’s standpoint, it is easier to view certain HTML, CSS of specific parts of the page. Certain attributes such as page rank, coding, and even default login information can be viewed without having to sign up for.
  7. Users all over agree that Mozilla crashes lesser than other browsers. It is also less buggy. Alternative solutions or updates are available to solve certain problems. There are settings that can be changed to suit the user’s needs when browsing.


No software is perfect. Each has its flaws that must be worked around.

  1. Using multiple instances of plug-ins slows down browsing.
  2. Excessive customization clutters the browser space.
  3. Compatibility issues with certain websites.
  4. A slow initial boot time.
  5. Consumes a lot of memory space.

Now let’s see what are some of its features that attract people towards it.

Themes: There are thousands of themes to choose from.

Add-on Awesome Bar: The Add-on bar lets users add plug-ins just as they would apps.

With most users having moved to the mobile to surf the net, Firefox provides a browser that is customized for the mobile phone.

The features that have been favorable to it are also available in the Mozilla browser for Androids.

Features for Android:

Quick Share that remembers the most recently used apps.

Preferred language can be changed without having to restart the browser or change the settings.

In tune with the TV, users can send video and web content from the smartphone or tablet.

Reader View and Reading List allows users to save and read articles.

Home panels display can be customized to keep the favorites available at one’s finger touch.

The home panel can also be customized to allow the user access to their favorite feeds.

The search engine of user’s choice can be added and made the default one.

Additionally, to protect the user information, Firefox has private browsing capabilities. Users can browse without the fear of having compromised his browsing history. History can also be cleared and shared with friends and family.






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