How To Use Firefox For Private Browsing Without Saving History

Whenever you browse the internet with Mozilla Firefox, it retains lots of information for you including the record of the sites you have visited. Although those records are important for most of the users, at certain times, you may not like wish people to access to your computer and see history. That’s why Firefox facilitates its users with private browsing where they can browse the internet without keeping any information about the sites and pages they have visited.

Private browsing also facilitates the users with tracking protection in browsing that prevents the companies to follow your browsing history from multiple sites.

Let us explain how private browsing works –

Please Note: Private browsing does not hide your identity from the Internet or make you anonymous. The sites where you are visiting, your internet service provider and employer still have the authority to track your visited pages.

Private browsing doesn’t have the ability to protect you from spyware or keyloggers that already exist in your computer.

How to Open a New Private Window

You can open a new private window in two ways –

  • To open a new private window, go to the menu button available in the top bar of window. Then click on New Private Window.
  • To open a link in new private window, you need to right click on your chosen link and then choose the option Open Link in New Private Window from the menu.

Tip: When you will open a web page on a private browsing window, you will find a purple mark on the top.

What Are the Things Private Browsing Not Save?

If you choose private browsing with Firefox, it doesn’t save these following records –

  • Pages You Visit: Your visited pages are not saved in the list of Mozilla’s History Menu, the Library’s history and the Awesome Bar address.
  • Search Bar and Form Entries: Whatever you enter into the Search bar or text boxes on web pages will not be saved.
  • Passwords: New passwords are not saved with Mozilla private browsing.
  • Download List Entries: In the Download Window of Firefox, no files that will download will be listed once you exit from the private browsing.
  • Cookies: Certain information from the sites you visit are stored with cookies and that’s why the browsing information like site preferences, data used by plugins and login status are stored up with cookies. Third party may also use cookies to track your browsing information. With Mozilla’s private browsing, you don’t need to suffer from cookies.
  • User Data, Cached and Offline Web Content: Cached files or temporary internet files are not saved with this private browsing. Even no files that the websites save for offline cannot be saved.

Please Note:

  • While using private browsing, you can save those bookmarks that you create during that time.
  • The files that download in your device are saved properly while using private browsing.
  • You cannot get the facility of Firefox Hello in its private browsing.
  • Though Firefox tends to remember its history, you can change the setting from its Privacy Options where you need to choose Never Remember History that is similar to private browsing mode.

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